This image showcases residents’ response towards rebranding Parkdale. Image from The Guardian
An image titled: Bay and Albert street shows us the land plowed by a horse in 1918 where Toronto’s Eaton Centre stands. The area carries the sentiment of growth in the city; however, it showcases the number of people removed from their homes at The Ward. With that, we can see how it fosters the growing economy of the city-where core areas serve commercial and industrial aspects. Image from City of Toronto Archives

It’s time for the moon and stars to reign the night sky. Another day has passed and the roads become busy once again as families go back to their loved ones at home, the visible light from the buildings shows how life does not stop at the end of the day it, gives people something to look up. Nighttime does not need to signify a missed chance or an ending; it is a start for new opportunities — it is truly a city that never rests.

Franz Nicole Dagunan

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